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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Deer Steam Game

"The Deer" is an educational inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ence for children.
You'll be an ancient Deer during the Pleistocene (Ice Age) epoch and you'll discover everything about this marvelous era.

- Did you know that during the Pleistocene there were no dinosaurs? They had become extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period, more than 60 million years before the Pleistocene Epoch began.

- Did you know that many animals, specifically, mammals were much larger in body form than their modern relatives?

- Did you know that this age witnessed the final extinction of the giant shark Megalodon, that had been the top predator of the oceans for millions of years?

Here are some of the interesting facts that you'll find out playing "The Deer"!
Unfortunately there were no T-Rexes during this age since they were already extinct millions of years before.

All artwork is by illustrator Giulia Airoldi.

Value: 0,99$
Genres: Indie, Education, Adventure, Family Friendly
Categories: Single-player, Steam Trading Cards, Full Controller Support

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1st Round: 18/06/2016-21/06/2016 - 4x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Endorlight Steam Game

Endorlight is rogue-like game in which you have to find a way out to the next level.
Most importantly - you need to survive. There is no "Repeat". When you die, you have to start from the beginning.
Each level contains a new and tougher enemies. Every 5 levels there is a boss to so sed your axe, bow or whip to defeat them!
When you defeat a boss opens the door to new biomes. But remember that every boss is different, have more live and takes more lives per attack!

Value: 2,99$
Genres: Indie, Casual, Adventure, Platformer, Rogue-like
Categories: Single-player, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Leaderboards, Partial Controller Support

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1st Round: 14/06/2016-17/06/2016 - 4x

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Big Steam Game Giveaway

New type of giveaway. Every day there will be 2 random (at start, later more) winners.

Steam Game Giveaway Fixtures:
- Woodle Tree Adventures | x100 - 5.6.2016-12.9.2016
- Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 | x5 - 7.6.2016-11.6.2016
- Masked Shooters 2 |1x - 12.6.2016
- The Slaughtering Grounds | 1x - 13.6.2016

Much more games in the future. This is just the beginning.

- 2 keys/day (in the future could be more then 2keys/day)
- Every entry counts (More entries, more chances to win a game)
- Get entries every day

Winners will be notified by email and posted on under Winners tab.

Winners are announced here:

For more information visit
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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Forbidden Planet Steam Game

“Of course there are worlds. Millions of them! Every star you see has worlds, and most of those you don't see.”
― Isaac Asimov, Pebble in the Sky

"Forbidden Planet" is a Space Strategy and Tower Defence like Game.
You control a small spaceship and your main goal is to protect your own home planet.
Explore the universe for resources.
Colonize other planets.
Defend from the asteroids.

Forbidden Planet features:
• Combination of 2D and 3D graphics
• Deep Strategic gameplay
• Planets, Spaceships, Asteroids and the deep Universe.

music by Projecteur.

Value: 0,99$
Genres: Strategy, Indie, Space, Tower Defense
Categories: Single-player, Steam Trading Cards

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1st Round:  03/07/2016 - 2x

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Broadsword : Age of Chivalry Steam Game

Broadsword: Age of Chivalry boasts turn-based strategy gameplay as players move from mission to mission in the Middle Ages. Command one of four different armies: the English, The French, the Spanish, or the Hapsburgs in this exciting PC game.  Lead different types of units into battle -- from archers, knights, pikemen and catapults with special units per nationality.  Control special 'heroes' units such as Henry III, Joan of Arc and El Cid, among others whose special 'hero' powers can affect the entire battlefield. Set in medieval Europe. The game features four playable factions, a single player campaign, strategic gameplay, asynchronous multiplayer matches, and cinematic battle sequences.

Value: 19,99$
Genres: Strategy, Simulation, Action
Categories: Single-player, Multi-player

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1st Round:  01/07/2016 - 1x