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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Unknown Battle Steam Game

" I hope that you know me, but this is not important. I've been wanting to do away with you..." This phrase - the beginning of a huge story! You don't know, where you are and you don't know this man, but your first purpose - to find it.

This game is a indie first-person shooter, with an intricate story that happened to one person, this person is the main character and you will find yourself in his shoes. You must have a good reaction to dodge lasers, many traps and kill your enemies, and do not forget about your main objective: to get to the menacing stranger to you. Though it may seem easy to some, but in reality it is not. The main character, and not only he, but also you want to as quickly as possible to wait the moment when you will be in front of one you wanted to see.

Value: 1,99$
Genres: Indie, Action, Adventure, FPS
Categories: Single-player


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1st Round:  21/05/2016 - 3x

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